Rudolph and the Foggy Night.

At Our Real Santa Experience we hope to share many stories of Christmas traditions, histories and North Pole stories for you to enjoy throughout the year.

You all know the story of Rudolph “the red nosed Reindeer” how he was born in the spring of 1939, how he is my youngest reindeer and how he couldn’t play the reindeer games.

How his Dad is Donder and that soon after he was born his nose began to glow.

But I bet you haven’t heard the story of that terrible stormy night when I really did begin to think we wouldn’t be able to deliver the toys.

It had been a very busy year, lots of wish lists had been received and toy production had been in full swing all year meeting their targets and creating some fantastic new toys.

Then came the day of the yearly reindeer games. It is a big day for the reindeer. They use the games to help them get make sure they are in shape for the Christmas Eve toy deliveries. They have reindeer races, sleigh pulling contests, and they played Catch the hoop on your antlers. The reindeer games day is a big day for the entire Santa’s village. We stop production Mrs Claus and her team make special treats for everyone and it’s a very festive day.

Well on this year when Rudolph asked to compete, the other Reindeers told him he wasn’t fast enough to join the reindeer races, he wasn’t strong enough for the sleigh pulling contest, and he couldn’t play Catch the hoop on your antlers because he didn’t have any antlers yet. Rudolph was so disappointed, he was sure he could do all those things if only he could try out. But he would just have to sit this year out and watch.

Then came the big day! Everybody was running around, getting everything ready for Santa’s ride that night. The elves were busy checking the sleigh and loading the presents. The reindeer were busy getting their harnesses adjusted just right. I was busy checking my list. Mrs. Claus was busy helping me get ready, telling me to dress warmly because it would be cold that night. But there was nothing poor little Rudolph could do to help.

Then, when all was ready I went out to climb into the sleigh, and that’s when I noticed something that worried me. A thick fog had rolled in, and I could only see a few feet ahead of me. What could I do? What if we ran into a tree? I had to deliver all of those presents to the good little boys and girls. Oh, what could I do?

Just then, I saw something. From one of the stable windows came a bright glow. At first, I thought the stables were on fire until I realised it was Rudolph’s nose glowing so brightly.

“Aha!” I thought. “I have an idea! I’ll ask Rudolph if he will guide me and my reindeer tonight. Of course, Rudolph said he would do it. He was just so happy to help.

So, the elves quickly added another harness at the front of the team, and Rudolph proudly took his place. Then off we flew, and with Rudolph’s help, we safely delivered all of the presents that night.

Never again would the reindeer laugh at Rudolph and his bright red nose. They loved him for saving Christmas that night, and told him they were sorry for ever thinking he couldn’t be on the sleigh. Rudolph forgave them, even after they had treated him so badly and they invited Rudolph to participate in all of their Reindeer games.

Ever since then Rudolph has been in charge of organising the Reindeer games.

He has become the Reindeer training leader and is very busy all year round with flight training and reindeer care.