"For the true believer in us all"

Terms and Conditions

Our Real Santa Experience Terms and conditions.

Please carefully read our Terms and Conditions. Your acknowledgement that you understand and will abide by our Terms and Conditions in required at the end of this form.

A copy of this form is available on our website or you may take a physical copy while you are here.

In attending one of the Our Real Santa Experience – 

  • Santa Visit (Children 1 to 6 years old)
  • Santa Experience (Children 6 years Plus)

  • Santa Photo
  1. You acknowledge that these bookings do not have a minimum time allotted but do have a maximum allowance of time, these are mini bookings and therefore will end within the allotted period of time.
  2. You understand that if you are late to your allotted booked time, this time will be deducted from your session time, please understand each session has an allotted time allocation and we run on a precise run sheet. If you are 5 minutes late to a 10 minute session, you will only have 5 minutes remaining for your experience with Santa. 
  3. You acknowledge that the sessions are designed to cater for particular age groups for which they are appropriate and have booked appropriately. 
  4. You acknowledge that should your children not settle with Santa or do not engage we will get the best shots possible but can not guarantee smiles or engagement that achieves our desired standard. 
  5. You acknowledge that, In the Santa experience if you have a mixed age group 6 yrs over and under. We will always attempt to get one to two set posed shots and the balance will be candid (natural) photos of your children engaging in the experience.
  6. Once the set posed shots have been taken Santa’s attention will be focused on the children 6 plus years of whom the experience is designed for.
  7. You understand that the ‘Santa Photo’ will not receive the full Santa experience as the other packages
  8. You understand that the ‘Santa Photo’ session comes with one image, which will be printed in the listed sizes. If you wish for more than 1 image, add on purchases are available upon booking. 

After your session:

  1. You acknowledge that, Our Real Santa Experience being a studio photography business has a minimum processing time of 3 weeks from your session date before gallery proof images will be available for you to choose from.
  2. You understand that no correspondence will be entered into regarding availability of your proof images before that time has elapsed.
  3. You acknowledge that any correspondence both verbal and electronic will only be entered into during business hours which are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.
  4. You acknowledge that, any verbal abuse, bullying, electronic abuse or any other harassment in an effort to get images or product sooner than we consider to be reasonable will be passed onto our solicitor or the police for proceedings and you will no longer be welcome at our business.
  5.  You understand that children can be temperamental with Santa, If your child does not smile or engage with santa you understand the images will be the best we can capture given the circumstances and no abuse regarding your final image and how your child looks will be tolerated. If there is abuse it will be passed onto our solicitors for appropriate dealings. 
  6. You understand that if you are ordering printed products that they will be required to be picked up from our Rocklea studio, unless shipping has been paid for and arranged. 


  1. We understand that hiring Our Real Santa Experience we are giving them full rights to editing styling, image enhancement, procedures and dictation of final images showcased. No editing requests are permitted, and final numbers and image selection shown to the client is of the sole discretion of Our Real Santa Experience. No requests will be permitted.
  2. We understand that the final images produced by Our Real Santa Experience are FINAL. No alterations are permitted. This also involves aftermarket editing of images outsourced by others, Filters of any description added to social media profiles of images, or further edits and enhancements to final images. By implementing any of this to images provided from Our Real Santa Experience you understand we are breaking copyright infringement law and legal action will be invoked.
  3. Final images provided by Our Real Santa Experience are final! 
  4. Special circumstance editing may be permitted at the discretion of Our Real Santa Experience at an additional fee to the client of $50 per hour. This does not include face swaps, colouring or editing style.
  5. Under no circumstances will Our Real Santa Experience provide unedited images or RAW files. Our Real Santa Experience is a full service Photographer and their work is not complete without photo enhancements completed at their discretion.
  6. We understand that hiring Our Real Santa Experience their editing and final product are produced from the situation at hand, they are not under any circumstances able to change the weather in scene, control power outages, dictate weather emergencies, or change lighting in a natural setting. If booking a location shoot we understand the natural environment is out of the control of Our Real Santa Experience and we accept the final images as they are provided to us.
  7.  You understand that the ‘Santa Photo’ images are final straight out of camera, No editing, enhancement, or digital alterations are provided on the image and these images are not printed through our professional labs as the other Experiences are. 

Shipping Policy:

  1. You acknowledge that you have viewed and will abide by the shipping policy available on our website.

Refund Policy:

Cancellations, No Shows, Refunds.

  1. You acknowledge that you have read and understand our refund, cancellation and No show policy on our website and fully agree to the conditions stated there.
  2. I have read, understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.