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Santa Photo Sessions

Newborn Santa Photos

“Once in a lifetime opportunity”

Absolutely sums it up doesn’t it? You only get a short time to get the precious photo’s of your few week old baby with Santa because before you know it they have grown or the year has past.

The cutest photos that you can send relatives, these photos will definitely get the aaaawwww response from friends and relatives.

Santa Newborn photos are available throughout our Santa Visit packages.

We do however advise, if you want primarily babies first christmas in a combination family with older children, we would say to book 2 sessions side by side as one session will be ideal to capture all those up cute and cosey newborn Santa photos!

If you were after Mrs Claus in your session please ensure you book a session type specifically stating that Mrs Claus will be there. 


Santa & Mrs Claus Visit

For us a photo with Santa isn’t just a photo with Santa it’s a visit.

Suitable for all ages, there are posed shots and some Santa engagement that will get a tear of joy as your child sits with Santa.

Parents are encouraged to be in the images, but under all circumstances please come prepared to be in them incase your children aren't comfortable with Santa. Afterall, sometimes their parents comforting is all they need around strangers. 

Santa Visits are beautiful interactive 10 minute sessions, you will receive a range of interactions with Santa for your little ones. These are not the full experience as most Children under 6 don't understand the Christmas spirit to the extent of those older and this is why we have 2 different experiences.

Important notice - This year we will be offer TWO different Santa Visits. One specifically including Mrs Claus, and one that will JUST be Santa. 

Mrs Claus will ONLY be at the Santa Visits that specifically state she will be on the very specific dates!


The Santa & Mrs Claus Experience

The experience is all about your child and their Christmas curiosity. Questions are welcomed and wanted as the questions your child has drives the experience.

No two experiences are exactly the same as Santa and Mrs Claus will confirm the wonder of Christmas with their knowledge in such a way that even adults begin to believe again.

So what do we have in store for you?!

An interactive experience with 2 parts. An Activity portion and the photography portion. The Experience will now be a 20 min session, split into 2 parts 10 min activities 10 min Photos

This experience is designed for those 15 months and older. Parent inclusion is strongly recommended throughout the entire session so please come dressed and willing to participate.

Time melts away and there are always more questions and laughter to be had with Santa, but they will have to wait till next year when you can see him again.

Adults are encouraged to become involved, share some of the experience with your children, after all Christmas is about family and there's no better way to start than with the Santa and Mrs Claus experience.

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This year we have 4 options for you to select from. 

But which is the perfect option for you? 

Let's break it down. 

Santa & Mrs Claus Visit - Here we have your {up to} 10 minute Santa Visit perfectly designed for all ages. You will receive gorgeous interactive photos of your family with Santa and Mrs Claus.

Santa Visit with Santa - As above this is your 10 minute experience with Santa - Mrs Claus is not available for these sessions. Designed for all ages. All our sessions are interactive so please be advised posed photos are very simply kept to one image, the rest are interactive. 

The Santa & Mrs Claus Experience  - Here we have 20 minute interactive experience with Children of mixed ages where they will actively participate in a activity with Santa and Mrs Claus 

The True Santa and Mrs Claus Session -  ​Our brand new fully interactive experience with Santa and Mrs Claus. This is designed for families who's youngest is at least 8  years and older (no mixed ages below the age of 8) Perfect for adult families also. 

Professional Videography

Capture your children's experience and relive this amazing opportunity for many years to come. 

Create a new Christmas tradition and get your child's Santa Experience professional video recorded for you to relive each year and watch the christmas spirit come to life as each year we offer you something more as each year goes by. 

Professional Videography.png

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Afterpay is available in an offline manner so if you do wish to use it but you must contact us directly to do so as it is nt set up on our checkout options. 


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