What makes it REAL is what makes us unique


You may be asking why we are named 'Our Real Santa Experience' is it because we deem our Santa to be the 'Real' Santa? Not at all, it's so much more than that! Our Real Santa Experience is all about connection.

Connections made between Santa, Mrs Claus and your children, connections made between real information, connections made between stories and real attributes to Santa's outfit, and so much more. 

We are going to explain this all more i detail below, so take your time and ready through our amazing connection points, that makes our experience, Real!

Where does Santa leave his reindeer?

Your children often ask Santa where he leaves his reindeer when he visits on the children here, and Santa always explains where they are. BUT alongside Brisbane Airport with the Airport Corporation you can now show your children exactly how this works. Santa and the Airport Corporation work together to ensure the safety of Santa's reindeers whilst Santa is busy with our children. 

Santa's Flight Plans with the Brisbane Airport 

When your children ask how Santa manages to get through all the air traffic he explains that they make very specific flights plans with the Air Services Australia. Brisbane Airport took us along to showcase just how much goes into the flight plans. So now when your kids ask, you can show them the connection between the Santa they saw at their experience, and the same Santa working with Brisbane Airport and Air Services Australia to create the flight plans for Christmas Eve. 

As seen on TV

Santa's Lost Button

Santa's Lost Button is a story in itself, one that you will find is connected to Santa himself. How is this connected? Well once you hear the story you will be able to show your children just how that button is represented in their photos - It will take a sharp eye though - so keep your eyes peeled! You will be able to purchase Santa's Lost Button (and trust us, this is something EXCLUSIVELY created by Santa himself and not for commercial sale anywhere else) and watch your children come to light when they make the connection whilst viewing their photos! ​


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