Welcome to Our Real Santa Experience 

Our Real Santa Experience, WOW. Is the most common word used by visitors to Our Santa Experience

Our Real Santa Experience Set

Welcome to our story, it’s a story of finding Santa and how Our Real Santa Experience all happened.

My name is Angie and I love taking photos, especially the unrehearsed candid expressions that show the real, personalities of your family. I love Christmas, and so it was only logical that Santa photos would be something I would love to do. 

But I soon discovered that there were no REAL Santa photo’s, I felt so sad …. Where is Santa? Where are the believers that hold the magic of Christmas, It just all felt so fake.

Santa must be somewhere, I mean I know he lives at the North Pole but can I contact him?So I decided I needed to talk to Santa or Mrs Claus at least.

Late one night I was up searching the internet for any sign of Santa when I stumbled upon a portal the Christmas Elves were using. I made contact and explained that I was looking for Santa and Mrs Claus to visit the children who come to me for photos. The Elf promised he would pass on the message and get either Santa or Mrs Claus to contact me so I waited.

After many weeks I received an email from Santa, it turns out Santa had noticed the same as I had , that there was nothing for children to believe in, and this was affecting the True Believer Christmas Spirit “yes something needs to be done” said Santa. So Santa agreed to put his trust in me to host a real experience with the Kringle’s and increase the Christmas Spirit with True Believers, and for many years now that is what we have done.

Welcome to Our Real Santa Experience 

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The difference is it’s Real….

There’s a big difference between taking your family to see a Santa for the annual Christmas Santa photo and coming to Our real Santa experience.

And the biggest difference is it is real, the set is real, in fact many of the items on the set are from Santa’s home or office. Santa and Mrs Claus’s outfits are not costumes they are tailor made clothing to a detail never seen before. You and your children can ask questions and get real logical answers. And you can experience the real magic of Christmas the way it was meant to be or you remember as a child.

While you and your children are captivated by the detail and enchantment of the Claus Kringle’s Angie and her team will be capturing the heart warming and irreplaceable images of the candid expressions and emotions of your family. We also capture the entire experience professionally on video so your absent loved ones can watch the expressions, see the excitement and hear the conversations with Santa and Mrs Claus like they were actually there. And of course you can relive the experience over again for years to come.

This is Santa and Mrs Claus as you have never seen before, real authentic and truly believable.When was the last time you had a real conversation with Santa? When did you last laugh with Santa? Christmas is about family, good times, laughter, a time to let go just a little, just enough to enjoy the experiences that remind you of when you were young.

That is what we deliver, and you will want to return year after year even after your children stop believing.

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