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What happens when you merge an Award winning photographer with the most Real Santa experience you can encounter? You get beautiful pictures, unforgettable memories and tears of joy that you will want to experience again and again.

Angie Captures the moments with true depth and connection while Santa provides his one of a kind Santa experience to children and adults with laughter, wonder and the joy of Christmas unlike anything else you have experienced.


My name is Angie and I love taking photos, especially the unrehearsed candid expressions that show the real, personalities of your family. I love Christmas, and so it was only logical that Santa photos would be something I would love to do.

But I soon discovered that there were no REAL Santa photo’s, I felt so sad …. Where is Santa? Where are the believers that hold the magic of Christmas, It just all felt so fake.

Santa must be somewhere, I mean I know he lives at the North Pole but can I contact him? So I decided I needed to talk to Santa or Mrs Claus at least.

Late one night I was up searching the internet for any sign of Santa when I stumbled upon a portal the Christmas Elves were using. I made contact and explained that I was looking for Santa and Mrs Claus to visit the children who come to me for photos. The Elf promised he would pass on the message and get either Santa or Mrs Claus to contact me so I waited.

After many weeks I received an email from Santa, it turns out Santa had noticed the same as I had , that there was nothing for children to believe in, and this was affecting the True BelieverChristmas Spirit “yes something needs to be done” said Santa. So Santa agreed to put his trust in me to host a real experience with the Kringle’s and increase the Christmas Spirit with True Believers, and for many years now that is what we have done.

Welcome to Our Real Santa Experience

Angie xx

Santa Claus

What you are about to read is REAL , and a truth you can tell your children about Santa and Mrs Claus Kringle.

You all know the stories, Santa is a woodworker , and how in the movies like the 1970 Rankin/Bass movie (Santa is coming to town) and the later (Santa Clause) movies Mrs Claus was a teacher/ administrator.

Well it’s true…

Santa is a semi retired woodworker, Santa and Mrs Claus really do live in a place that starts with 'North' and the adjacent road to their home is Nicholas Avenue.

Mrs Claus has spent almost her entire career as a teacher and administrator in the education industry and still teaches today. 
Santa and Mrs Claus have only ever been married to each other, still in love and still having fun.


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