Christmas for all.
Christmas is about many things. If you ask Children it’s about presents, for the older children it can be about holidays and good times with their friends, but for the majority of adults it’s about family.
For many we loose the “Christmas spirit” for want of a better term as young adults. Life becomes more about ourselves and good times rather than Santa, presents, family and the feeling Christmas brings with it.
Then something changes we fall in love and have children. Suddenly Christmas starts to have a whole new meaning again. We now have our own family and Christmas becomes about Santa, presents, cute photos, family good times and perfect moments.
All of a sudden Christmas becomes fun and you have a reason to participate in the cute non adult world that can be the magic of Christmas. This becomes the time that you want to give your child the Christmases you may or may not have had, Christmases they will remember and cherish, also Christmas memories you will cherish and be able to look back on with a joyful tear.
These times never come again, these times when you can go back into that world of fantasy and relive your childhood with them, being part of their fantasy world with Santa and Elves and sweets and so so so much fun, it’s a few moments in time where you don’t have to be an adult.
To me being an adult isn’t about never being child like again, it’s about knowing when I can be a child again. Participating in building that imaginative world for our children, giving them joy, love and memories to build on for when they have children of their own.
Christmas is about families, it’s about giving. Not always about the present it’s as much about how much of yourself you give to your child’s world, are you a part of it or apart from it? still there just busy organising in the adulating.
When you look back on photo’s were you all there? oh no that’s right they were Santa photos, that’s just for the kids, right? We don’t do those it’s a bit childish.
Heres the thing, we don’t do Santa photo’s Nope Never.
We call them Santa visits, for the older children (and ADULTS) they are “The Santa Experience”. Why? because a Santa photo has nothing to do with family and we want your Christmas to be about your family and Christmas.
You visit Santa and Mrs Claus one a year (like extended family) and it’s documented with some great photos.
When it’s a new tradition, like the start of your new family you’ll have a history, a time of what’s happened over the year, of great to see you again A legacy of memories to gift to your children for when they become parents and continue to give their children the Christmas for all that they experienced.
What am I saying? when it comes to your visit, make it about family and put everyone in the frame so the family memory and tradition continues. Let yourself be a child for a little while especially Dad’s …… remember the difference between men and boys is just the price of their toys.