The Real Santa Experience
For many many years there has been few choices for parents when it comes to Santa. The advertising of “Real Santa” along side what is obviously a fake beard, vinyl belt and boots became the standard. Along with Santa’s with no knowledge or back stories so children’s questions were either given an illogical answer or passed over. Children were encouraged not to ask the questions, and for most children they could see he wasn’t real so they didn’t bother.
If your going to have a REAL SANTA EXPERIENCE then it has to have some sense of reality doesn’t it?
For me as Santa I have a position statement “if it doesn’t make sense in the real world we don’t use it”
I read an article in a prominent main stream media interview with a 20 plus year Santa who told that when children ask how he gets in when there is no chimney, his reply was he comes in through the heating ducts.
Then the child will go to the mall and see them selling Santa’s magic key to leave out for Santa, credibility lost.
Families were paying good money to have a photo with a very poor representation of a Santa and then damaging any chance of the child still believing past any realisation age.
The Key, Santa’s Magic key has been a great sales item for the gift shops but when it comes to the real logical part of seeing a Santa with a REAL key Gold with jewels this is how it goes.
“Santa what is key for? it’s my magic key so i can enter any house on Christmas eve. It’s very old and it’s very nice isn’t it?”
We have your key at our house, Do you?
And this is where you dollars go out the window ….. the logic then starts that why would you have Santa’s key when he has a beautiful one that looks real like him, how would he get to the key inside if the door is locked….. oh its under the matt …. hope the local crime boys don’t know that lol, It only works for Santa ….. then why does he have his own…..
Children are a lot smarter than we give them credit for and they go away and analyse it all. So it has to make sense, logic and be real if we have any hope of keeping the magic alive.
We are dedicated to providing THE REAL SANTA EXPERIENCE and it’s only going to get better year after year.