Valley Estate

Come join us at the Winter Wonderland at The Valley estate

‘Bring Christmas to life with our exclusive Santa experience that takes Santa photos to a whole new level’

Take your traditional Santa photos to a whole new level with our exclusive Santa Experience. Watch your children embrace the Christmas spirit with stories from Santa, learn about Christmas traditions, experience a whole new Santa experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

These sessions are not your normal shopping centre posed photos. They are for the entire family.

An experience for people who love Christmas, and wanted better than was currently available. We wanted to bring back the wonder of Christmas and the true believer to families with a genuinely REAL Santa experience.

We also wanted to document this experience in a way families had never seen before. Photos capturing the moments of wonder on children’s faces.

Photos that capture the laughter, the in-depth discussions with Santa & Mrs Claus, the moments in time that you will look at with tearful joy for years to come.

This year, at the Valley Estate you too can join in this amazing experience and capture your own outstanding Santa photos with your family. 

What will you receive?

These sessions include:

2 -6×8 Prints 

2 -6×4 Prints 

4 -Wallet Prints

These photos will be printed for you on the day to take home with you, and will be of the same image. 

This package is available for 2 children. If you have additional children please add those in as an add on.

We also have a range of additions that you may purchase to go alongside your order. These include

  • Nice List certificate (wax stamped and non wax stamped) 
  • Hall of Records for newborns (wax stamped and non wax stamped) 
  • Additional Digital images

*Please note that these images won’t be edited as they will be printed for you on the day. Also note that Mrs Claus will only be there on Sunday. 

Would you like your kids to be part of something special?

Contact us today to make your Childs day to book in for our next lot of sessions in 2021