Our Santa Experience

Newborn Santa Photos

“Once in a life time opportunity”

Absolutely sums it up doesn’t it? You only get a short time to get the precious photo’s of your few week old baby with Santa because before you know it they have grown or the year has past.

The cutes photos that you can send relatives, these photos will definitely get the aaaawwww response from friends and relatives.

The Santa Visit

For us a photo with Santa isn’t just a photo with Santa it’s a visit.

Suitable for ages 1 to 5 there are posed shots and some Santa engagement that will get a tear of joy as your child sits with Santa.

The Santa Experience

It all changes for children once they reach the age of 6. It all starts to make sense, Santa, the Nice list, Reindeer, Mrs Claus the wonder of Christmas, the Elves and the true believer begins.

The experience is all about your child and their Christmas curiosity. 

Questions are welcomed and wanted as the questions your child has drives the experience.

No two experiences are exactly the same as Santa and Mrs Claus (when she is available) will confirm the wonder of Christmas with their knowledge in such a way that even adults begin to believe again. 

Time melts away and there are always more questions and laughter to be had with Santa, but they will have to wait till next year when you can see him again.

Adults are encouraged to become involved, share some of the experience with your children, after all Christmas is about family and theres no better way to start than with the Santa experience

Would you like your kids to be part of something special?

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