"For the true believer in us all"


Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are a lot of questions in regards to what Our real Santa Experience is and how we operate so we thought we would answer our most common questions to help you understand our business

How long until I receive my images?

Your digital gallery will be ready approximately 3 weeks from your session date. 

Your final order will be ready dependant on the timeframe it takes for you to send through your image order selections after your proof gallery has been sent.

Can my pet be included?

Unfortunately not sorry. We wont be offering Pet sessions for Our Real Santa Experience

What is included in my session?

Your session includes either 3 or 10 Digital images dependant on the package you purchase. 

Additional add on products, and upgrades are also available for purchase 

What session should I book?

Unsure which session is right for your family?
Being designed to suit age groups is new to many and I created it this way from years of seeing children and wanting to make it the best experience for the age groups.
Here is an easy guide.
The Santa Experience– Suitable for children 6 and over, Adults, teenagers
Suitable for mixed families with children under 6 ONLY if there are children over 6 in the family
The Santa visit-
Suitable for children under 6 years of age
Santa Newborn – Suitable for Newborn up to 1

Will Santa spend equal time with each child during the session?

Our Real Santa Experience has been designed for those ages 6 and above. We will capture one posed image of all your family and then Santa’s focus will be on the children and adults of experience age. These are highly interactive sessions, question led by your children, adults and teenagers. For the sessions to work correctly a high level of verbal interaction and participation by the children and adults is required for everyone to have fun and for those great photos to happen.

How long does my session go for?

Ok so this is where it can get a little tricky. Each time slot is established on a very strict run sheet. The time slot available is 5 minutes per baby booking, 10 minutes for a Santa Visit and 15 minutes for a Santa Experience. 

This may vary under a few circumstances. If you are late this comes out of your time allotment, by being late to your session throws out the entire days run sheet so your time slot begins from the end of the last client when we call your name, if you are late that time is taken from your session so we encourage you to be on time so you do not forfeit your allotted time.

Another key element in terms of your time slot is that sessions run up to 5,10 or 15 minutes, however we will not force your child to endure a session if they are scared of Santa and do not want to interact with Santa and Mrs Claus or are crying and inconsolable, we will do all we can to aid them to calmdown and enjoy the experience, but if they are not willing, we do not wish to make them fearful for future experiences. Please be mindful that we can only work with what we have and if your child is distraught and crying throughout their time we will not be able to capture smiles and cannot spend time in warming them up until we receive a smile. It is best you try to ensure your little one is comfortable with Santa in the lead up to the session, or embrace the crying photos and love them like we do!

Do we get a posed photo?

We will attempt to get 1-2 posed images throughout the session. The main focus of all our experiences is to capture the moments between your children, Santa and Mrs Claus. 

What does it mean by a candid photo?

As apposed to a smile at the camera and say cheese photo, a candid or natural photo is the expressions, joy, wonderment that is seen on your Child’s face when they interact with Santa and Mrs Claus. These are irreplaceable and unrehearsed moments, that you can’t recreate. They are only there in a moment of time in a magical experience with Santa and Mrs Claus. These are the photos that are most popular that you will treasure forever.

What happens after our session?

We will endeavour to have your proof gallery ready for you as soon as we can, the turn around time we are advertising is 3 weeks. 

Please understand these sessions receive a lot of bookings and we have a lot of work to do behind the scenes so please don’t message us asking for your images, they will be sent to you as soon as we possibly can.

Can I have my niece and nephew included in my child’s session?

We advise if you wish to capture your children and others in the same session that you book additional sessions so your children receive their images for your family, then the additional members can all be photographed together also, this way no one misses out. 

Can we entertain our children to make them smile  for the camera?

Our younger children’s sessions are more so designed for those beautiful posed images as your babies are too young to understand the traditions, however for our Santa Experience we ask that you please don’t ask or encourage your children to look and smile at the camera.  Santa will engage with your children and at the right time set up to capture one posed image smiling at the camera throughout your session.  These sessions are not designed for the perfectly posed smiling at the camera image.

Can we take our own photos through the session?

We love seeing behind the scene images of us taking your childs image, yes. But we ask you not to take a image of your children with santa. You have hired us to do so so please allow us to do our job. When parents have their cameras and phones out the child is distracted as they have grown to know to look at mum and dad when they want a photo, Please let us take control on this to get they gorgeous quality images that you have came to us to achieve. By all means take advantage of our #Elfie and Christmas decor to take images of your child pre-session, Share them with us on Facebook – we love seeing them. 

Can I request my images by a set date?

No. Please understand we book out many many days across a few months. This means the sessions on the first days are those which will be completed first. The later your session the later completion will be nearing Christmas. We understand that you may want these images for Christmas gifts and such so please consider this and book accordingly. 
We advertise a 3 week turnaround for your images to be ready, harassment, abuse, bargaining, badgering and threatening us to have your images ready will not be tolerated. Not only will your images be prolonged in being finalised, but you will be banned from using our company in the future. This also includes having your friends and family abuse us, leave negative reviews or slandering our business. Your images will be produced as soon as we possibly can, but slandering and harassment will not be tolerated and will be escalated to police authority.

Do you have anything for our children to wear or any advice?

Yes! For your little girls we have an entire Dollcake Dress range from sizes 0 to size 12. You are free to utilise these dresses throughout your sessions. If you wish to wear one please ensure you arrive 10 minutes early to your allotted time to select and get dressed. For little boys we suggest a simple plain coloured button up shirts with denim or tan shorts. Keeping in a colour coordination works amazingly – select a few colours that work best together and go with that. We also love seeing the christmas themed outfits, and Santa loves seeing red!